A good process can only be accomplished with a well-trained team. You need to rely on the right profile and skills that are well-suited to the needs of the business. It’s pointless to have the best process or tool in the world if you don’t have the right people to run it. We assist your team in reaching its full potential and propelling your planning to new heights.


Short, low-cost interventions to get your company started on the road to good planning.


We assist your company in understanding the importance of planning and the business benefits it can convey by providing clear explanations of the fundamental planning concepts for delivering a great experience.

Action plan

We are not satisfied with simply passing on concepts. We want your team to produce something useful and applicable. Thus, at the end of each workshop, we make a point of developing action plans with clear deadlines and accountable individuals.

Roundtable discussions

We facilitate roundtable discussions with members from various departments to identify the major pain points and propose practical solutions to each problem.

Cultural change

We make a point of emphasizing the benefits of each area, in addition to the advantages of a good business planning. As a result, we aid the company's transition from a "remediate demands" mode to a mature planning culture.


A quick start with an experienced team to accelerate your planning culture.

Quick start

Often, when implementing a new process, the size or profile of the team required is unknown. That is why we provide a method for you to quickly begin your planning with an experienced team.

Best practices

Our team has planning experience in a variety of industries and brings expertise in all four pillars of planning, ensuring that your process begins with the best practices in the market.

Continuous improvement

In addition to running the day-to-day process, we are also concerned with ensuring that we are constantly accelerating towards a best-in-class process.

Hiring and training

Finally, we assist in the selection of your company's permanent team and oversee knowledge transfer to ensure that nothing is lost during the transition.

Having the best people goes way beyond hiring.
It’s about investing and having confidence in better results.
Doing this alone is more complicated than it sounds.