Plannera Data Science

Understanding the past is an important part of planning for the future. Our multidisciplinary team can assist you in organizing and structuring your data, aggregating external data, and extracting the most value for your business. We apply our hands-on experience to deliver analytics and models that work in practice, not just on paper.

Demand modeling

Advanced models to better understand your market and your consumer.

Promotion performance

Is it worth giving a discount? Is your investment in media paying off? These are common questions with few clear answers. Thus, we assist you in organizing the data and modeling the problem to support these decisions.

Price elasticity

Price list changes have a known impact on demand, but they are not always well quantified in the plan. Therefore, price elasticity models aid in assessing these impacts and better preparing the supply chain to absorb them.


Many industries have a lot of data about their respective markets, but they aren't always able to use it to better understand demand. Keeping this in mind, we develop macromarketing models that highlight trends and opportunities.

Forecast as a Service

Quality statistical forecasts, as well as your team's focus on business planning

Treatment of history

Every planner understands that historical data must be processed before it can be used to feed mathematical models. With this in mind, we analyze the data, reducing registration and database errors, organizing critical historical information, and dealing with outliers.

Continuous improvement of models

Every statistical engine, no matter how automated, requires maintenance to ensure we're getting the most out of it. We handle this task so that your team can concentrate on business planning.

Measurement of results

Only what we can measure can be improved. Along these lines, we thoroughly examine the statistical error in comparison to actual sales to ensure that the models are producing the best results possible.

Data Science as a Service

New insights for your business

Exploration of new models

It's difficult to put together – and maintain – a team of data scientists dedicated to generating valuable insights for your company. Because of this difficulty, we bring our practical experience with Data Science, applied to planning, to investigate analyses and models that can produce real results.

Agile methodology

We use agile methodologies to ensure that we are spending our time as efficiently as possible while remaining fully aligned with your team. In this way, we prioritize the analysis fronts that add the most value while ensuring knowledge transfer.

Implementation in practice

The new profession of Data Scientists already suffers from an issue: a lack of focus on results. We frequently hear complaints about data science processes that prioritize "beautiful" models over models that generate value. We, on the other hand, prioritize practical models that can be implemented in each client's specific situation.

It is not enough to simply be aware that the data exists. To get the best results, you must understand and interpret it correctly. Not to mention that an expert’s outside perspective is always beneficial.