About Us

A new perspective on Planning

Since our creation, we have valued complete and well-done work. “Solving the problem” is one of our team’s most ingrained and pervasive goals.That is something we bring to every project we work on.

We take this mission so seriously that after the initial diagnosis, we create custom work plans for each company.

Each new customer represents a new world for us to discover. And that’s fantastic. We want to understand what motivates each company and assist them in reaching their goals.

We originated from the ILOS group, one of Brazil’s largest Supply Chain consultants. Our goal is to approach planning in a holistic way, while also valuing long-term relationships with our clients. And so we do.

Great names have worked with us, and we are proud of our history.

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The problem we tackle

Supply chains have become far more complex in recent years than they used to be. More products in the portfolio, more demanding customers, and new complexities (such as the omnichannel) have created unprecedented levels of uncertainty. Our primary goal is to reduce uncertainty and find the best way to deal with it. But why should you be concerned? Uncertainty has a cost in any business. This cost appears in three ways:

Shortage cost

It is a mistake not to have the right product available at the right time and place for your customer. And you lose because of it.

Shortage costs money in the form of lost sales, late fees, and market share. In addition to customer dissatisfaction and brand damage.

Excess cost

Often, to avoid a shortage, one ends up compensating through excess. We end up with a bloated supply chain that is overflowing with inventory.

This increases the cost of capital, warehousing, and the length of the financial cycle. Not to mention the risk of the product going out of production or becoming obsolete.

Haste cost

We appeal to haste when we don’t have the product in stock and don’t want to cover the shortage cost.

The cost of haste is primarily felt in the form of supply chain inefficiencies, from emergency air freights to more expensive suppliers.

How we fix it

We follow your process from start to finish, assisting you in any way you require throughout the implementation and maturation process. We value long-term relationships with our customers because they allow us to address issues as they arise. As a result, the investment in planning is more in line with earnings, making ROI more appealing.

We manage all aspects of supply chain planning. We categorize our solutions into four categories:

Our main challenge is to increase sales and reduce costs.