Plannera Dashboard

Dashboards present data in a more visual format, allowing for a better understanding of plans and indicators. That is why, on our platform, we provide a simple and customizable way for you to analyze your plans and make the best decisions.

Graphical and intuitive analysis

Analyzing plans becomes much easier, as it is visual and intuitive.

Customizable Dashboards

Each company has its own approach to data analysis. With this in mind, we've included at least one custom dashboard with the company's style in each dashboard module implementation.

Powered by Tableau

Our partnership with Tableau, the industry's leading BI tool, allows us to create new dashboards quickly, reliably, and affordably.

There are numerous variables and unforeseen issues in structuring and planning. Doing this alone may result in a stumbling block. Our experts give you the attention you require and show you where you should not fall down.