Plannera Demand

We built our tool after years of experience with dozens of collaborative demand planning processes in a variety of industries. We combine intuitiveness and usability with powerful analytical tools.

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Statistical Forecast

Using Time Series and advanced Machine Learning models, our tool can automatically select the best prediction model for each SKU family from historical data.

Collaboration during the process

Every good demand planning procedure necessitates collaboration between marketing and sales. Each area can easily incorporate their insights into plans, which can be done at a more detailed level (for example, by SKU and customer/store) or at more grouped levels, making the job easier.

Consensus Meeting

We developed a number of analyses and reports specifically to support the Consensus Meeting, which typically concludes the demand planning stage. In this way, all data can be presented clearly and visually*, allowing managers to make the best decisions about Unrestricted Demand.


Through indicators such as WMAPE and Forecast Accuracy, it is possible to gain an overview* of plan results. Other indicators, such as FVA, can also indicate where the process adds value.

New Products

There is also a launch section where new products can be added and where the behavior of an existing product can be understood in terms of its impact on demand and the company's planning.

*all dashboards require the active Dashboard module

There are numerous variables and unforeseen issues in structuring and planning. Doing this alone may result in a stumbling block. Our experts give you the attention you require and show you where you should not fall down.